Work Bundling


Work Bundling optimizes projects by collaborating with internal stakeholders, consolidating data, streamlining work activities, and aligning them with pre-established schedules. This intelligent solution promotes efficiency and maximizes savings by grouping work based on location and associated electrical circuits, thus eliminating operational silos. Work Bundling promotes enhanced productivity and profitability, while also ensuring the capture and implementation of lessons learned and keymetrics.

Comprehensive Data Collection

Our team gathers data from various sources such as field surveys, connected devices, remote monitoring systems, and historical data to provide a comprehensive view of the asset that can be easily accessed. In addition, we work with stakeholders to identify all departments and points of contact involved in planning and executing work across the asset ensuring a free flow of information.

Interdepartmental Collaboration

By establishing key contacts and fostering strong collaboration, our team ensures a smooth flow of information, which is crucial for successful asset management.

Asset Data Collection

We collect a wide range of data sets for the impacted assets. This data can be easily accessed whenever needed, providing a solid foundation for decision-making processes.

Unified Data System

All collected data sets are systematically processed and merged into a comprehensive digital resource. With daily updates, this tool ensures the most accurate, up-to-date output for strategic planning and decision-making.

Efficient Planning and Coordination

We create efficient work plans that break down internal communication barriers and coordinate multiple work crews to address conditions, risks, impacts, and customer needs. Through sharing our proposed work schemes with affected stakeholders, we foster cross-departmental dialogues, ensuring their regular operations remain undisturbed.

Tailored Work Plans

We create work bundle plans, together with our clients, that are uniquely tailored to meet their performance goals. Our team maintains regular communication to ensure that these plans can adapt dynamically to the company's evolving needs.

Work Visualization

We identify work activities across all departments and consolidate this information into a visual GIS map representation. This visual guide enables all stakeholders to have a clear understanding of work locations and enhances decision-making processes.

Transparent Communication

Our work plans are shared with all affected stakeholders, indicating the work activities available within their bundle. This approach fosters a sense of unity and collaboration without disrupting normal departmental operations.

Continuous Learning

EKN monitors readiness for work plan execution, overseeing everything from the availability of materials to the scheduling of crews, while adeptly managing rescheduling or cancellations as required. After execution, we encapsulate lessons learned on a digital dashboard, leveraging surveys with subject matter experts from the involved departments for evaluation, which provides a real-time insight into the program's progression.

Preparation for Execution

Planning does not end with the formation of a work bundle. We organize all the necessary elements: from coordinating with the appropriate work groups, confirming that crews are scheduled, and making provisions for plan alterations or cancellations.

Insightful Learning

After each work bundle execution, we set up a 'lessons learned' page on a digital dashboard and conduct surveys among subject matter experts. This process enables us to gain valuable insights that can be used to further refine and improve our client’s processes.

Performance Overview

The lessons learned are incorporated into a bespoke executive dashboard with live data that shows the progress of the key performance indicators over time.