Quality Management


Information siloes, poor project data, and compliance issues can quickly derail crucial operations. EKN Engineering's Quality Management combines active project management, data management, and quality control and assurance to deliver non-disruptive change management and implementation support.

Efficient work verificaiton

By providing a reliable foundation of information, we are able to facilitate communication, progress tracking, and informed decision-making in change initiatives. By fostering a culture of transparency and collaboration, we are able to drive continuous improvement and innovation, ultimately delivering superior value to our clients.


A combination of active project management, data management, and quality control drives visibility but also facilitates the integration of stakeholder feedback, which is crucial for the successful mitigation of risks. This focus delivers a solution that is effective and sustainable which keeps costs low while responding to the changing needs of the industry.

Collaborative Problem-Solving

A culture of open communication and teamwork encourages diverse perspectives and innovative solutions. This allows us to tackle challenges more effectively, leveraging the collective knowledge and expertise of the entire organization which in turn leads to improved outcomes.


By maintaining an ongoing dialogue with field crews and providing them with critical feedback, we successfully reduce the rate of go-back work and provides a catalyst for enhancing the quality and efficiency of field operations. It cultivates a culture of perpetual learning and adaptation, equipping teams to navigate and thrive in the dynamic landscape of the utility industry.

Unified System of Record

We ensure accurate and accessible information by capturing and documenting completed tasks including consolidating data and eliminating discrepancies. This system serves as a reliable source of truth, enhancing transparency and facilitating informed decision-making.


Issues with incomplete job closure packages and trends where field crews are not performing work to standard are quickly identified. These insights drive improvements in work procedures, enhancing efficiency and quality. We proactively address issues, optimize performance, and ensure that the work field crews perform meets our clients standards.

Quality Control

Ensuring compliance with required processes and design standards maintains the integrity of work, confirms that regulatory requirements are met, and maintains the trust of our clients. We check for data completeness and accuracy, verifying alignment with predefined standards, cross-check data against original sources and project requirements, and identify any inconsistencies or anomalies.

Eliminate Discrepancies

By requiring field crews to submit construction completion photos and field documentation, we ensure the accuracy of our records and receive a visual confirmation of the completed work. This level of detail enhances the reliability and comprehensiveness of our data, providing a complete and accurate picture of our client's operations.

Streamlined Data Collection

By establishing a systematic workflow for data collection, we reduce manual effort and errors, improve data quality, and increase productivity leading to improved decision-making.


Data is the foundation for making informed asset decisions and a job is not considered complete until all required documentation is received. This rigorous approach addresses issues of incomplete job verification, ensuring that every task is thoroughly documented and accounted for, thereby enhancing the reliability of our decision making.


Advanced technologies and automated processes reduce manual effort minimizing the potential for human error. This includes the use of digital tools for data entry and validation, automated data processing systems, and regular audits and quality checks to identify and correct issues.

Data Standardization

By employing uniform data collection and classification methods across all operations, we ensure consistency and comparability of data. This allows us to aggregate and analyze data from different sources effectively, providing a comprehensive view of our clients operations and facilitating accurate reporting and analysis.