Enhancing Utility Operations: Data Analytics Empowers Asset Health and Performance
Aug 7, 2023

Enhancing Utility Operations: Data Analytics Empowers Asset Health and Performance

Utilities are facing a fast-changing world: higher demands, more extreme weather, and mounting risk as their infrastructure ages. Meanwhile, the thousands of data points from ground surveys, monitoring systems, and maintenance crews spilling in everyday go unrecorded and unsorted.  

Modern demands necessitate modern solutions. Data analytics offers utilities the power to conquer asset health confirmation, strengthen quality assurance, and leave outdated data behind. The key lies in distinguishing reliable information from noise, unlocking the true potential of data to drive informed, strategic business decisions on a grand scale.

By aggregating data from various sources for analysis, utilities can build a live, dynamic record that grants a comprehensive understanding of asset health and critical needs. The result? Real-time insights that lead to prioritized maintenance and optimized asset performance like never before. Informed decisions, heightened reliability, and impressive asset returns become the new norm.  

Let's explore some areas where data analytics can revolutionize operations on a mass scale:

Marker Ball Installation

Compliance with FAA Marker Ball regulations is a top priority, but the ever-changing policy landscape can be hard to keep up with. By leveraging existing data and regulatory expertise, utilities can pinpoint priority locations for marker ball installations, ensuring compliance while minimizing potential risks.

Corrosion Monitoring

Safety and reliability are paramount for utility operations. Using data analytics, utilities can monitor and track corrosion rates on assets, allowing proactive planning with confidence, while identifying assets in critical condition that require immediate attention.  

Ground Clearance Optimization

Clearance issues can lead to costly disruptions. However, data analytics helps identify potential clearance problems before they happen, enabling proactive maintenance planning. This approach saves time, money, and enhances the overall performance of utility systems.

Implementing data analytics delivers tangible benefits, including cost reductions, minimized downtime, heightened profitability, streamlined operations, and unmatched customer satisfaction.

EKN Engineering offers cutting-edge data analytics solutions that enable utilities to harness the full potential of their data. Our approach involves working within existing technical environments to identify solutions and make recommendations based on existing processes. Our mission is to provide empowering solutions that help our clients conquer long-standing challenges and thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

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