Communicate, Coordinate, and Streamline: Optimizing Utility Operations with Work Bundling
Jul 31, 2023

Communicate, Coordinate, and Streamline: Optimizing Utility Operations with Work Bundling

In the world of utilities, service providers and their customers can agree that outages should be rare, essential, and brief. But utilities face the challenge of disjointed operations and information siloes that work against that goal. The result is redundant work, unnecessary outages, and increased safety risks.  

Due to a lack of communication between departments, multiple field crews end up visiting the same customer properties, shutting down identical circuits and lines, and performing similar tasks on different days.

In areas where sensitive or reactive customers are frequently encountered, safety concerns for crews and assets intensify. Redundant work drives up costs and lowers productivity for utility companies. At times, customer frustration escalates to the point where they refuse to allow maintenance to continue, all because of avoidable line outages.

Luckily, these avoidable work management issues, which drain both time and money, can be effectively mitigated through an improved communication and collaboration tool. Work Bundling allows for streamlined coordination, optimized resource utilization, and synchronized task execution while minimizing disruptions to customers.  

Work Bundling: The Key to Seamless Coordination

In the traditional setup, a single work order might involve up to six different departments, leading to complex coordination issues. But with the adoption of a work bundling program, these challenges can be significantly reduced. By categorizing work based on factors like need, location, and circuits, duplicate tasks can be easily removed, simplifying the coordination process.

A Comprehensive View for Precise Execution

Gaining a comprehensive view of work requirements is crucial for efficient execution. In the work bundling collection stage, data from various sources such as field surveys, IoT devices, remote monitoring systems, and historical records is pooled together. This data-driven approach empowers utility companies to identify critical needs and bundling opportunities, ensuring that work is executed precisely and nothing falls through the cracks.

Minimizing Redundancy, Maximizing Efficiency

Location-based and circuit-focused planning enables utilities to streamline coordination of outages. By doing so, unnecessary work is minimized, and customer interruptions are reduced. This leads to improved efficiency in work execution and enhanced customer satisfaction.

EKN Engineering's Tailored Solution for Utilities

Enhance utility operations with EKN Engineering's Work Bundling solution designed specifically for utilities to streamline operations, connect departments, increase customer satisfaction, and eliminate redundant work and unnecessary outages. This comprehensive tool consolidates and efficiently gathers work packages based on geographic locations and associated electrical circuits, ensuring optimal scheduling and minimal disruptions. By breaking down data silos and fostering interdepartmental collaboration, utility companies can revolutionize their operations, deliver top-notch services, and achieve heightened productivity while providing a seamless and satisfying experience to their customers.

Effective communication and coordination are the keys to success for utility companies striving to provide reliable services. Work bundling emerges as a game-changer, streamlining operations, connecting departments, and eliminating redundant work and unnecessary outages. By embracing these innovative solutions, utilities can not only enhance their performance but also deliver an unparalleled experience to their valued customers. To thrive in the ever-evolving energy landscape, it's time for utility companies to embrace the power of work bundling and step into a future of optimized operations and customer satisfaction.

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